Liberian female songstress, and fashion designer Faithvonic has released the mind blowing visual of her latest single “Come Correct” featuring the love therapist Stunna.


The video which was shot by two of Liberia’s legendary video directors Lorenzo Loveland and Richacd A. Henries IV possesses all the qualities of an international video ranging from the storyline, props, casts, image quality, location, setup/decorations, and editing.

Most importantly, the two directors on this project have spent years in the video industry. They’ve mastered their craft and are very creative when it comes to visual contents. They teamed up, and invited some casts who are also professionals in the entertainment industry to produce this jaw dropping visual.

To be honest its very optimistic to say that if this video was released within the nomination period of MLMA, it would’ve definitely booked first place in the Best Video Of The Year Category.

Faithvonic being a designer herself, and someone who has a very good taste for fashion, designs, and decorations, saw to it that costumes, and decorations for this project was at its best. There’s no better way this video would’ve been shot without the crew and cast that collectively did a perfect job which is very commendable.

Nevertheless, though the video came through late, it still gives us more time to enjoy and cruise to it before the TLMA and subsequently MLMA next year.


Meanwhile the link to the video is below. Click it, watch, like and please SUBSCRIBE!

Let’s send out massive love, support, and applauds to her for this great content.

Still Doubting?? Why not Hit this link and see for yourself.

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