Joseph N. Boakai, former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia has spoken against the issue of rampant ritualistic killings that have taken over the length and breadth of Liberia which he said has never happened before.

The former VP who to Liberians recently said: “In recent days we have reports of dead bodies showing up in neighborhoods and horrible stories of people who escaped from their captors while awaiting to be slaughtered.”

The political leader of the Unity Party made reference to a particular video circulating on the social media of a man who escaped death from the forests of Gbatala, Bong County when he escaped from his captors, and another video of a woman who was taken to an unfinished building to be killed and later dumped on a highway and so many other stories that have instilled fear in the people of Liberia.

“While investigation surrounding the disappearance of the three boys in the Bong Mine area have not yielded any results, just last Thursday we learned of the gruesome murder of John Hilary Tubman, a prominent Liberian citizen. All around the country, reports of missing citizens including children abound and there are no reports that these crimes have been resolved. Our women and girls are the most vulnerable of victims.”

According to the former VP, he has said over and again that unresolved crimes is a recipe for the commitment of more crimes in our country and this is exactly what we see happening today, adding, “We condemn these acts of barbarism and wickedness and call on the Weah government to go after those that are terrorizing our citizens, arrest them and bring them before the law as the current wave of killings is a strong indication of the breakdown of law and order in the country.”

He continued: “Our Nation has become a scary place to live as parents are concerned about their children and how they go to school and back, and how nurses, the caregivers commute to and from work with facing violence or death. There are dangers everywhere and the government continue to remain mute on the killings and disappearances of citizens they vow to protect across the nation.”

He warned over and again that a society that does not resolve crimes that are committed is bound to see a reoccurrence of the same or worse crimes.

In conclusion, the former VP during the Ellen’s government indicated that Liberia is under siege by violent, heartless, and wicked criminals -and that the government must protect it’s citizens who are already suffering.

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