Just a month after the termination of J Slught’s contract by BeeVonne Recordz, Andyzzy who was a close friend to J Slught requested to take his exist out of label. Could it be that Andyzzy couldn’t work with BeeVonee without J Slught so he decide to take his exist?

Well, though there is no known reasons why Andyzzy requested a contract termination with the label, the record wasted no time to grant him a contract termination as they notified him Andyzzy via an email message that his request has been granted.

Now so far they are left with just one artist; Boifatty, on the label. Could it be that it’s Boifatty they want to work with or they want to dissolve the entire record label but are doing it once at a time by setting the artist apart individually??

See screenshots of the Contract Termination request acceptance Letter To Andyzzy and his response Below:

** Note he didn’t share his request which might have the reasons why he wanted to end his contract with the label.

BeeVonee’s Reply:

Andyzzy’s Confirmation: “It was truly a unique experience having me on BeeVonne Recordz but sometimes we just don’t have control over the course of things..A way forward is always the best agreement🗣Again,thanks so much for the time✊🏾”

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