Big News for Liberia as Hollywood And African Prestigious Awards recognizes Alexander Wiaplah (Ush), Eddie Watson, Korto Davis and Rickslyn Myers for their role play by (acting and directing) in the movie titled “Wheel and Deal”.

The awards is set to take place in the United States from October 22nd to the 24th.

The Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards is an award platform that aims at recognizing and honoring American and African community leaders, international public figures, dignitaries, celebrities, and stars who are pioneers in motion pictures, arts, music and comedy.

Its been understood that Actors, musicians, comedians, celebrities and world-renowned dignitaries have captured audiences for generations – transforming and challenging the understanding of everyone. This has enabled us to see ourselves in each other, celebrate our triumphs and illustrate our flaws while creating a space for the many narratives that, reflect our rich, collective cultures and history together.

Eddie Watson

This year, the HAPAawards will honor American and African community leaders, international political figures, dignitaries, celebrities and stars who are pioneers in motion pictures, arts, music and comedy. And As an organization bound to celebrating outstanding achievements of artists in various entertainment genres, the vision of HAPA is to continue blending cultures, promoting the beauty and richness of Africa and America while spreading peace throughout the world. HAPA stand together in harmony with the African and Hollywood music, films and comedy entertainment industry, while supporting positive and respectful messages to the world especially about Africa. And the message this year is dedicated to the keynote speaker, The Ooni of Ife who brings to America a message on ‘Eradication of negative images associated with Africa and the forgotten History’.

Alexander Wiaplah

As part of their mission, The HAPAwards is committed to giving back to communities in Africa and United States as well as other countries where help is needed to enhance lives. They are committed to using funds received by sponsors and donors to continue the mission of giving for many years to come. Through the creation of The I Dream 4 All Foundation (501c3), the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards visited Africa in early March of this year where they did charity work in Nigeria and Ethiopia. The team donated clothes, food, school supplies and toiletries to the less privileged while transforming the lives of many.

Rickslyn Myers

Portions of this year’s proceeds from the show will benefit the “Ile-Ife community” in West Africa and “A Hat Is Not Enough/The Streets Are Not The Way” Youth Educational Project in the United States.

Korto Davies

And for this year Liberia has been recognize through the “Wheel and Deal” Film that was shot and Directed by Alexander Wiaplah (Ush). The movies starred international Liberian Movie Star Eddie Watson, Rickslyn Myers, Maurice Gayflor (Cralorboi CIC), Helen Suzzie Charles, Joseph Joebaby Weah Jr., Korto Davis, Duke Murphy Dennis.

Eddie Watson, Korto Davies, Alexander Wiaplah, and Rickslyn Myers.

Also the Mayor of the city of Monrovia Honorable Jefferson T. Koijee will be given an honoree award at the ceremony.

The list of Liberian nominees is below:

Wheel And Deal – Best African Independent Film

Eddie Watson – Best Actor Independent Film

Eddie Watson – Best Actor In A Film

Korto Davies – Best Supporting Actress In A Film

Rickslyn Myers – Best Supporting Actor In A Film

Alexander Wiaplah – Best Director In A Film

Gbor Twins – Best New Independent Group/Duo

Gbor Twins – Best Independent Group/Duo

Queen Juli Endee – Best International Inspirational (U)

Honoree Awards

Hon. Jefferson Tamba Koijee – Mayor City if Monrovia.

Congratulations to them in advance!

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